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Balcony Gardening for Beginners

Are your ready to grow your own food? We're showing you how to start and what you need to know, to grow your own veggies organically. 


This workshop will be held in english.


  • Basic knowledge about urban gardening, balcony gardening in particular, seeds, soil, sun, watering and organic fertilizers. 

  • We will show you how to transplant your seedlings and how to sow your own veggies.

  • We'll try to answer all your questions regarding organic urban gardening.

Costs: CHF 20



How it works: 

  1. Subscribe to our online workshop.

  2. Download the app "Zoom".

  3. You will get your link to the zoom meeting one day before the workshop.

  4. Join the zoom meeting min. 10 minutes before the workshop begins. 

  5. The course will take about 45 minutes. After that we will send you a handout in german.  

See you soon,


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Foto: Melissa Nussberger

Den Kurs leitet:


Scarlet Allenspach

Balkonista, Bachelor in Industrial Design, Spezialistin in Nachhaltigkeit und Design, Permakulturistin, Social Media Expertin,

DIY Enthusiast, kulinarisch begeisterte, Pflanzenliebhaberin mit einem Auge fürs Detail. 1988 geboren in Zürich.

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